The Author’s Confessions

This part of my website is probably more blog than anything else, but I hate that word. It sounds like something that got stuck on the bottom of my shoe and I am trying to remove with a used popsicle stick I found on the street.

Here I reflect on my process of writing: my struggles, my triumphs, my day-to-day frustrations, and the joys I encounter while weaving words that express my imaginings.

It is my Captain’s Log of the journeys I take through the alternate universe of my imagination. Here you might learn what happened that put my Time Machine in the wrong century, or how a rat somehow gummed up the Warp Drive and left me floating in space for six months. The truly laughable part of this adventure in novel writing is that I’m taking command of the ship as a Seaman Apprentice, and an old one at that. Sure, I wrote a couple of articles that were published years ago in national magazines, but I have never written a novel, let alone had one published.

You’re welcome to accompany me on this ride. I promise that I will do my best not to drive us into a ditch.

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