Book 1 – The Lallander

The Lallander is the story of a young woman named Elspeth Moffat living in Graitney Parish in the 1690s in a part of the Scottish Lowlands known as the Debatable Lands, a place once so lawless that neither Scotland nor England could claim it as their own. Tensions between former warring families still boil over into open conflict. The Church of Scotland, a potential arbiter for peace, is divided into warring factions. Witches are often blamed for everyone’s troubles and the spirits of the Druids, once masters of the land, still linger in the hearts and minds of ordinary people.

Elspeth is different to her peers and puzzle to herself. Only her parents and Grannie Flora suspect they know the reason why.

What Elspeth finally discovers about herself changes her and everyone else she meets.

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